Friday, June 3, 2011

Jump On a Plane and Fly Away!

As you may or may not know, in a couple of weeks I am leaving this city plagued with the insufferable cold most commonly referred to as Winter for sunny beautiful France and Greece! I am so excited, but like any fashionista, I can never limit myself with packing! I pack absolutely anything and everything, which doesn't work out well when the bags are weighed (let's just say unpacking before you leave is no fun).

So in the spirit of this occasion, I thought I would research some destination dressing ideas that will help me, other happy-go-lucky travellers, and anyone who is planning on flying any time in their lives!

Wedges: They're back in, as we all know. Love them, hate them, who cares, they're in. And nothing screams summer holiday like these beauties. Go for bold pastels and the classical blues and whites, as well as shimmering golds and silvers for those hot summer nights.

Stripes: These little treasures are dominant in any spring/summer season, and this year is no exception. The classical navy and white shirts paired with crisp shorts and a floppy hat make any day feel like a holiday! Shirts, skirts, shoes; you name it, they're amazing!

Wide leg pants: Don't ask me why, but this item goes a long way. Ever seen a summer shoot for a designer label set in a Mediterranean destination? Next time you're browsing through, keep an eye out for these creations. They may not look good on shorter girls, but if you can pull them off, go for it!

The Fedora: I have to say I am OBSESSED with this trend. Last summer I bought two in the space of a week. I'm not even kidding. These hats were everywhere in Paris, and I mean everywhere. And to feel like I was in the in-crowd, I ran to the closest store for a little gifty. Needless to say, I am never looking back. Opt for the classical white with a coloured/patterned ribbon, or be adventurous and go for an all over pattern!

Crochet: Perfect for a day at the beach, this gorgeous design ought to be in any girl's suitcase! From shop's ropes carefully knotted and tied by the hands of crafty sailors to the crocheted blankets your grandmother gifts you at Christmas, crochet will likely be familiar to you in some sense. Lucky for us they've made a strong comeback, in the shape of tops, dresses, skirts and even shorts! Try to stick with the classical whites, creams, blacks and beiges, but I'm not standing in your way! It's all about intricacy, quality and a luxury edge.

Well hope you all enjoyed this post, and can walk away with a small insight into the fabulous world of packing. Have a wonderful weekend!
Love E 


  1. I really enjoyed it! Greece, France...lucky you!!


  2. I hope you have a lot of fun. I've never been to Greece but I have been to France a couple of times. Personally I'm not in love with the wide leg pants, I'm not sure how bad that would look on me...

  3. Great post, very inspirational!

  4. Love the post. Wedges are too comfortable to hate, but I do sometimes find horrid styles. I need super wide leg pants but with super high heels/wedges since I'm so tiny :-( But I love them. Navy and white stripes amaze me this time of year.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  5. definitely enjoyed it really useful tips and will use them if i travel would love to see france or greece have a safe trip!

  6. so happy wedges are in!!! they are so comfortable and practical. love this post !! so digging all of these styles


  7. amazing post!

  8. I love the wedges, great pictures!



  9. Great post!! Love the wedges and fedoras too :)
    xxx, Ana

  10. *woooahh*
    I love this post and your blog !!!


  11. i love your pics, i love those wedges!!!
    i'm following you =)

  12. Omg, Greece and France! I'm jealous!
    I love stripes, and those last Cavalli crochet pictures are amazing, you've picked like my favourite things ever!
    Love your blog, have an amazing time! x

  13. Love the knotted wedges!

  14. amazing inspirations :)

  15. Fedoras,wedges, crochet, wide leg pants and stripes. Omg so european. <3 I hope you have fun. Who knows, I might finally get the trip to England I want to go to this August.

  16. great post!

    i love the crotchet fashion with all the fringes <3

  17. Lucky you- Greece and France should be amazing! I always struggle with packing too, you keep thinking one more thing and end up packing way too much.


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