Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sasha for April Free People

We've all seen it - on the runways, on the street and in magazines. This Spring, while the style is utterly feminine, some can come off as very serious. Fortunately, that's where Free People came in this April, with none other than the gorgeous Sasha Pivovarova.

In this colourful and tribal-feel shoot, Sasha taps into her inner bohemian spirit for the April catalogue. Photographed by Guy Aroch, she dons an array of billowing skirts, tribal accessories and denim as she poses alongside some exotically cute animal friends.

The use of the mute colour palette of ivory and neutral hues, Free People has brought a luxurious sense of relaxation into the spring season, and many are loving it! I went to check out people's blogs today and about five had posted this spread, and after seeing it, I immediately knew why! The wild spirit and simplicity captured in these shots are enough to drool over, with the use of the wild-child stereotype and gorgeous clothes we all want!

So if you've seen it already, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about, but if you haven't, check it out below, and get ready to fall in love with these stunning designs and outfits fit for a (tribal-esque) princess!

AND because I just love you all so much, here's the video. It pretty much is the same thing as the spread, but just more of a look at all the outfits and more cute furry and feathery animals. Yay, two of our favourite things - fashion and cutesy wutesy animals! :)

So... What do you think? I don't think I could ever pull off any of these looks (ask my friends, I don't look good in 'adventurous' outfits. They tease me), but it doesn't mean a girl can't dream!
Love E 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I promise you I am NOT going insane, and I am referring to fur in CLOTHES. And definitely not real fur, I'm a) not that kind of person and b) nowhere near that wealthy. Okay, well now that I've had my two line rant, I'll start being a normal person.

There are only so many things that are to be excited about for Winter - hot chocolate, cashmere, knit and toasted marshmallows - but thankfully, Fashion month has added yet another word to my sad (but incredibly awesome) list: fur!

Vests, jackets, boots and even tops, fur proved more than useful this season for Fall and Winter. Considered one of the most stylish ways to keep warm this Winter, it has hit all the designer stores, as well as cheaper versions of them that the more budget-fashionistas would go for.

It isn't everyone's favourite, and it can be overwhelming, but this season I've fallen in love with fur! What are your thoughts on the fur that hit the runway this season? Let me know, and hope you had a fabulous Wednesday!
Love E 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dark Angel

She favours dark corners and counts Alison Mosshart as a style icon; that's right, I'm talking about those who are more of a dark dresser, but that in itself has its benefits. Not everyone has to dress in cream and lace to look feminine, and those with a darker twist to their style usually are the most bold and confident women. Exaggerated shoulders make for a sleek silhouette, with cigarette pants, grey and navy cashmere and a black leather jacket as uniform staples.
Make sure to play with texture; layer up leather pants, and embellished tee and sleek navy blazer and swap those ankle boots from Fall and opt for wedges booties instead - winter's shoe de jour. For glamour after dark, always go for bodycon and black: a lace blouse should be offset with leather  micro shorts, and likewise a little black dress with a loose leather biker. Finally, tailored jackets will be a dark angel's best friend this season, smartening up well-wor skinny jeans with a wool-blend jacket and invest in a navy peacoat with gold buttons for colder days.

I've always been a more classical dresser myself, but even I've come to respect the new dark chic, as it really shows a dominant and powerful image of women and what we are capable of, so while it would personally not be my first choice, I admire to those who are bold enough to wear as well as pull-off such style.
Love E 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Reserved Spring Campaign 2011

We all love models, whether it's for their perfect faces or their perfect ways, and we definitely all love fashion, because it's amazing and... Well, because it's amazing. So for today's post, since you all missed me SO much from the break I took over the weekend (I hope you are all well!), I am combining our two favourite things - a beautiful girl and a gorgeous label!

Magdalena Frackowiak has been one of my favourite models for as long as I can remember - I remember when I was 12 I fell in love with her, not just for the clothes she wore, but her purely innocent and gorgeous look.
She is a Polish model who began appearing on popular label's runways in 2006. She was 16 when her mother sent her pictures to a Warsaw agency's modelling contest, which she won, and was consequently scouted by Darek Kumosa from Model Plus Agency.
From then she has been featured on many runways and magazine covers, most notable being Ralph Lairen, Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Oscar de la Renta, Vogue, Numero, the Victoria Secret's Fashion Show and most recently the 2011 Pirelli Calendar photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.

This season's collection by Reserved have been described as effortlessly stunning and undeniably stylish. The preppy/casual look can be worn by all body types and are classic enough to have a long lasting power through the season. With trendy pieces mixed with wardrobe classics that give the collection just the right amount of edge.
Zuza Krajewska and Bartek Wieczorek were behind the lens in this stunning city shoot, which takes place on the street, subway steps, high tower rooftops and even curbside. The classic city scenery truly blends with the looks featured.

So ladies, if you're looking for a brand new wardrobe for the hot summer season ahead, look no further than the Reserved Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook!

What are your thoughts on the new lookbook? Are you a fan or the label, or have you never heard of it? And what of Magdalena?
Hope you all had a fabulous Monday and a brilliant start to the week!
Love E 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inspiring Inspirations!

I'm about to tell you all some bad news - it may be even worse than an apocalyptic ending to the world, and if you cry, I did warn you. Brace yourselves... I won't be blogging until Monday! I KNOW! The reason is that my parents are going away for the weekend, meaning I have to stay at my grandmother's, and she has no internet! So if I don't die of deprivation, I WILL be back on Monday! If I am dead, I will tell one of my best friends to blog a post that says so!

I thought, since you will all be truly and utterly devastated in my absence, that I would share with you some of my inspiring inspirations (alliteration!), which, hopefully, will ease your pain. They're gorgeous, I promise, and they're all just so different to one another, it's strange how they can be liked by the same person but, I assure you, I am not bipolar, but 'bi-winning' (sorry for the lame Charlie Sheen quote, I won't do it again I promise). Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

There are heaps more, but I don't want you all to die before your each the end of this post, and it'll just leave you all something to look forward to in my absence!
Bonjour mademoiselles, and have a fabulous weekend!
Love E 

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