Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Haute Couture's New Face?

As we are all well aware, the Haute Couture shows of Fall 2012 were fabulous as always, but it was Christian Dior's collection that left me wondering. It's the first one without John Galliano as the driving force, so naturally the fashion world was waiting. And to be perfectly honest, I loved it! Bill Gayten definitely has an amazing expressive side as a designer, and the clothes were stunning! Here are a few of my favourite looks. What were your thoughts on the collection? Which is your favourite? And is this whole Bill Gayten hype just a fad? I loved how the collection flowed from soft pastels to wild birds-of-paradise-like colours, and then to, of course, the ball gowns. Gorgeous! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and talk soon!


  1. I think this collection was spot on. Everything flowed effortlessly together and had great cohesion.

    :) Ewa


  2. Gorgeous collection!

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  3. I love the make up they're wearing! so cool! following your blog! would love that u follow me back ;) ♥ hope to see u around! (K)

  4. this is a great post!
    love these creations
    your blog is amazing!!

    xxx Ros.e.

  5. I love it as well! Love the boldness of the over all collection yet their are many feminine details with the chiffon flowers, choice of fabrics, and overall shapes of dresses. Thanks for sharing I had not had a chance to see this collection yet!



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