Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dress It Down

I missed my Wednesday post, which I'm sure you were all very anxious about *cough cough* but I have my reasons! I went to a camp - well, retreat as our teachers called it - and left on Thursday, and was last-minute packing Wednesday night.  The trip was absolutely amazing, so much fun, and more of a reflective time than anything else. Of course, I wouldn't bother to tell you this if there was nothing to do with fashion in this little niche of my life.

I am the kind of girl that is obsessed with all things dressy - there hasn't been an outfit in a very long time that isn't way too dressed for the occasion - so I had quite a hard time with clothes. As it was meant to be very casual; tights, long sweaters, knits etc., I was at a loss. I don't even own a pair of ripped jeans for God's sakes. So off I went into the 15oC weather with my wind-proof jacket, tracksuit pants and one hoodie - yes, just the one. Unfortunately, everyone else had a much more extensive collection of casual attire, so for once I was the underdressed one of the group. Trust me, it's not a good place to be.

So I got to thinking; why the hell did I just realise now that I have no casual clothes? I mean, any normal teenage girl lives in her converse and tracksuit pants at home. What was wrong with me? And I finally realised; it's because every time I see something like it, it's way to un-dressy for me! I hate the lazy casual look, but that I-just-threw-on-some-Chanel-and-D&G-this-morning look was something that I really wanted to go for. So my lovelies, I did my research and this is what I found on the can-be-fabulous world of casual!

Sorry for not responding to any of your lovely comments or blog posts, I've had  a technology break, but I'll be back into the swing of things soon, promise! And if you haven't entered my first giveaway yet click here!
Love E 


  1. I can definitly relat,e I am by all means not a casual person and in Florida everyone drastically dresses down. But I have a tendency to be on the overdressed side which I certainly don't mind at all. But if I went camping I would be at a loss as far as having anything to wear. Because I don't really have anything suitable.
    Loving your inspiration!

  2. so many great casual outfits although sometimes im too overdressed or just casual its never the type of casual i want to be! definitely need to go shopping!

  3. Amazing pics. Thanks for the inspiration<3

  4. ooh that photo of lauren conrad looks so cute!


  5. I totally agree, I spend all my money on dressier clothes and actually don't have nice casual clothes!

  6. I did realize you hadn't updated haha Well I realized I had the same problem when I went to a boarding school with no sweatpants or hoodie. Suddenly I realized that I was overdressed even with jeans when it was after dinner. Just cause we lived there, we couldn't just be perfectly dressed, with our perfect hair and makeup. Now that I'm in Spain again I don't ever use my sweatpants anymore :( But when I was there it was perfectly normal, since we had to dress up a lot to go to class in the morning (no jeans, no t shirt, no short skirts...). I remember when I wore my sweatpants in the plane to come back at christmas and my mom just stared at me and she was like omg are you wearing PIJAMAS!?

  7. ooooo i love this post! great pictures!!! oh god i love alexa <3 <3
    love your blog! im following on bloglovin!

  8. Great selection! Your photos are amazing !


  9. Beautiful pictures! Andy <33

    Follow me and I'll follow you back ;D

  10. This post really makes me want to go out and purchase a few sets of cute sweat outfits, some comfy clogs and a big "look at me" purse!

  11. great picks! good luck with the whole casual thing, don't forget to have fun with it! :)

  12. Adorable post!!!Thanks for sharing and happy sunday!!!

  13. Adore this! And I know exactly what you mean.xoxo

    Drop by sometime!<3

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  15. Looove the post,so inspirational!Love your blog too,so I'm def following;)

  16. Great selection!



  17. Tens un bloc mol xulo , amb un magnífic recull d'imatges !

  18. Call me casual too. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs!

  19. such gorgeous pictures and I absolutely agree with you about retreats...
    The one I went to recently, I was having a serious struggle finding what to bring because all my pieces looked really dressed up. I ended up wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans and a blouse to be comfy with military boots and i still ended up looking dressy =X


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