Saturday, May 14, 2011

In The Details

Just before I start with my uber-fabulous post, I am sorry for not posting earlier, but we all know why that wasn't possible. Yesterday the blogging world came to a standstill, with many bloggers losing comments, blog posts and some even recent followers! My blogger is still messing with my mind, as you will see with the reasonably large space at the bottom of my page. It's okay, I am not banging the return key, let's all calm down!

As soon as blogger decided to grace us with it's presence, I typed as fast as my dear fingers could go, hoping for not yet another malfunction in the system. I guess that Friday the 13th really is a cursed day in some shape or form. It just goes to show how scary it becomes when a source you know and love is gone. You also realise how scarily obsessed you are with blogging. But no matter. Anyway, back to fashion!

We all love looking fabulous, but sometimes the price sadly outweighs the beauty, and we are stuck with last season's clothes and items we loved quickly going on the charity-box list. The solution, while it may be expensive at the time, is well worth it at season's end. What am I talking about? That's right, detailing!

No matter what the item, if there's detailing, it will always look good! Studs, sequins, you name it! While some of the photos I've got on display may not be of the affordable nature, it's only meant as inspiration - not to be taken literally! I don't want you to all bolt out the door straight to Chanel, max out your credit cards and then say 'Evana made me!' Please don't, I have hardly any money for clothes as it is!

As you can probably I'm just a tad obsessed with the new Chanel Haute Collection, so much so that any time I come across it it's on my blog! But we all love a bit of Chanel here and there, no matter who we are and what our style, so I hope you all don't mind!

Well my lovelies, have a beautiful day, and may your lives be filled with details that never go out of fashion! Also, if you are yet to enter my fabulous contest, come on down and click your heart out!
Love E 


  1. i only realized how much i depended on blogging when blogger shuts down yesterday, happy to be able to read blogs again!

  2. i love Chanel!

  3. love love love chanel!

    Thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  4. Lovely collection :) And yes, I'm really annoyed with Blogger right now haha

  5. Fabulous :)))


  6. Perfect. I love the huge earrings<3

  7. One of my favorite collections. Well organized and written. :)

    I hope blogger fixes asap too. It was a stressful day friday the 13th of all days too.. :(


  8. i definitely realized how obsessed i was with blogger when it was down i kept checking every 5 mins and freaking out i just love it so much just like i love this collection every single piece is gorgeous and the details are stunning!

  9. freaking stunning!! whoa.

  10. amazing!!! love Chanel!!
    thnx 4 the comment :))) :)

  11. This is one of my favourite post!!!I love Chanel, I've looked at these pictures twice because the collection is beautiful!!!Thank you honey!
    Happy Sunday,

  12. Karl is fabolous!
    Love Chanel, and the details are fantastic


  13. incredible post! i'm so glad blogger is back :)

  14. i love it all. it's Gorgeous xoxo

  15. Can't choose! all the pics are great... and this earings... faboulus!

    (Great blog, i follow you!)

    Naima of Gioco di Donne

  16. love your blog spirit!! so romantic


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