Sunday, August 7, 2011

Guess Who's Back, Back Again?!

Oh my gosh, it's me! I'M BACK! HOW ARE YOU ALL?! I've missed you all so much! And blogging of course, but what's blogging without followers to share in the fun? I have so much to tell you all! I did so much, and it felt like minutes. I miss it so much, but it's good to be back!

Well, I know you're all anxious to hear about where I went *cough cough*, but first let me share some of the inspiration, experiences and scenic shots I collected over the weeks before I forget to show them (or get too lazy)! Enjoy my dears!

Ah, my favourite shop... :)  

 My (extremely awesome) shot of the beautiful city of Cannes, France.

In Nice, taking in the gorgeous view and coastline.

These flowers were abundant just about everywhere in France and Greece, they are absolutely gorgeous! 

On our way to Saint Tropez!

My first proper crepe on my holiday. I was far too happy! 

Gelato - amazing wherever you are! 

Monaco's beach equivalent - if you swum 10 metres from the shore, you could see Italy! 

The world-famous Monaco casino - too bad my sister and I weren't allowed in! :( 

 First beach shot in Greece, the water was heavenly!

It felt like swimming in the sunset! 

My first night club experience, love this shot for some reason! 

Me being ridiculously happy on our arrival in Mykonos, Greece! Second year in a row!

The beach coastline where we stayed for 10 amazing nights

The photography may not have been great, but the water was to die for

Our hotel room in Mykonos + a little editing by moi :) 

Day clubs = Night clubs - ridiculously drunk people = awesomeness! 

A view from the shore of the most prestigious beach in Mykonos, Psarou

My dream Mykonos house!!!

Hope you enjoyed my photos and if you did, make sure to comment below and tell me to post more! Or if you're over it, tell me to get over it also and start making real fashion posts!
Love you guys, and talk soon!


  1. wow! these photos are beautiful!! A vacay that long must be equal to heaven. Glad you're back and had fun!!

  2. images are amazing, what a stunning holiday!!

  3. these pictres are so dreamy! xx

  4. I've missed you! Glad you're back.

  5. yay you´re back!! the pics are absolutely stunning!!

  6. Hey, I follow now your amazing blog!! Hope you follow me back...:)
    Mela xx

  7. GORGEOUS photos! glad you had an amazing time :)


  8. Beautiful pictures!! looks like an amazing vacation time!!

  9. What a gorgeous place, looks like you had a great time.


  10. for fashion lovers:
    love your blog!
    please follow and comment! :)
    thanks! xx

  11. Wooooooooooooow! This vacancy looks sooo amazing! It looks like a dream holiday :)
    I wish I had such a holiday as well :)


  12. gorgeous pics!!! looks like an amazing time!!

  13. Great pics!!! hope you had a great time on holiday

  14. Looks like the best vacation ever, great photos! Mykonos is my favorite place in the world. What did you think of it?


  15. I've missed you honey!!!Glad you are back! I love every single photo, it looks like you had a great time during your vacation and so much fun!!!All of you girls look amazing!

  16. amazing photos looks absolutely gorgeous!! definitely missed you you have been gone since forever! so glad your back to blogging!

  17. Cute pictures and thanks for ur lovely comment on my blog !! :)
    and yeah sure im following you now please follow me back :)


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