Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Girl's Obsession

In every magazine I've ever read, every style website I've ever visited and every style book I've ever pawed through, I have never not seen at least one mention of the stiletto heel. Fuck diamonds, these babies are necessities! I'm only 15 and 4 inch heels are no longer high enough. Mum's losing her mind!

Anyway, stilettos are the shoe that you can never have too many pairs of - in our eyes - yet always to many - in the eyes of our fathers, grandfathers, uncles, boyfriends; pretty any kind of man in our lives. But when you walk into a store and you lay your eyes of what you deem the perfect pair, that you swear you will wear everywhere, that you fall irrevocably in love with when you see them on your feet, you almost have no choice but to buy them. And then, almost too soon, you see yet another perfect pair. It's a vicious cycle. And as long as women exist, these babies are never going away.

I'm pretty sure designers have complete knowledge of this fact, which is why they keep setting more temptations in our way, with beautiful shoes that will go with nothing in your wardrobe, but are just so darn amazing! Below are just a few that, if my bank account was big enough, and if I was crazy enough, would totally be in my wardrobe right now.


Black Leather Gucci Platform Sandals
Burberry Sandals - 595 euros
Christian Louboutin Jefferson Peep-Toe Platforms - AUD$1048
Elizabeth and James Snake-Effect Leather Pumps - AUD$615
Ellery Platform Heels - AUD$880 
Guiseppe Zanotti Pink Multi Patent Sport Stilettos
Tribute by YSL - 570 euros


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