Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stocking Fillers

Metallic Knot Clutch by Colette Accessories - $29.95
Valentino Espadrilles - $580
Lipki Bag by Missoni - $257
Chanel 2.55 - $2300
Mikayla Heels by Spendless Shoes - $39.95
Chanel Collections and Creations - $80

Yes it's a long list, but it's always good to aim high - you may be pleasantly surprised! Anyway, have an amazing and of course, fashionable Christmas everyone, as I may not update until after then. I hope you get everything you could ever want! Talk soon!


  1. arrghhh why do women always have the same sickness: shoes and bags???? :D

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  3. great post love all the items wish i was getting these as my gifts! thanks for the comment!

  4. If my stocking was stuffed with a Chanel bag I would DIE. Hopefully one day...

    xx Julie xx


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