Sunday, January 29, 2012

The World Through My Rose-Tinted Glasses

The sudden and much anticipated, yet slightly unexpected, change in weather from 'how the hell is this classified as Summer' to 'welcome back Sun' has got me feeling very inspired. Of course, it's not the Australian side of summer that inspires me - it actually repulses me just a little bit - but the European class that seems to embody the season's spirit.

Sparkling landscapes, glistening seasides, clubs to die for and those gorgeous Bouganvilla blossoms are what makes up my rose-tinted vision of the season. Granted, this 'vision' of mine is just a tad sucky, as only the second item on my list is available down here, and even then it doesn't come close to that of the Greek Isles or the French Riviera.

Anyway, enough reminiscing and feeling sorry for myself (school starts tomorrow, and I feel like shooting myself in the mouth). Here is the real reason the majority of you here for - pretty pictures bursting with inspiration! Enjoy my lovelies, and talk soon!


  1. Hey, Evana!
    WOW. How inspiring images, indeed, and poetic!! Congrats on your impeccable good taste!
    Have a nice return to school!
    María José

  2. lovely pictures babe! x

  3. The photos are amazing, I need to get some traveling done... xx

  4. Those pics make me wanna go on vacation RIGHT NOW ! Beautiful photos !!!! XOXO

  5. the first one looks so gorgeous and this bay is incredible :-)

  6. Wonderful photos, I like them!!! This is such a nice post!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

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