Friday, January 20, 2012

Take Me Back

As the holidays in Australia dwindle to a close, I have been reminiscing quite a lot about the vacation that my family and I took over the months of June and July. I did go to France, but as much as I go on about Paris and the French Riviera, to me it couldn't compare to Greece, and especially Mykonos.

As I am of Greek background, when I visit it just feels right - I don't feel like a tourist or as if I'm unwelcome. Speaking the language obviously also helps, because knowing more words than 'hello' and 'thank you', and maybe 'how much is this?' for all you super savvy travellers allows you to truly get a feel for the place.

Economic crisis aside, to me Greece is the best place in the world, and all I know is that if I ever have to decide upon travelling to only one place for my entire life, I'll answer in a heartbeat.

Talk soon everyone, new post coming up!


  1. Love this photos ! You've luck ! :D Kiss <3

  2. Amazing pics. Would love to go to Mykonos one day:)


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