Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catch Up

I know I've been super slack with the NYFW posts, and with blogging in general, but I've decided to make it up to you by going through pretty much every single show and picking out my favourites, and then my favourites from them. This will be lots of fun :) So here are some of my favourite looks that have been heating up the said-to-be bitter cold NYC. God I wish I was there. I am currently at home, sick, on Valentine's Day, and after this post I have a hot date... with my Economics homework. And you thought I had a life for a sec there! Tricked ya. Anyway, here they are, enjoy, Happy Valentine's Day, and to more insane ramblings on all things NYFW!

First we have Rachel Comey, and this season there was a twist in design. Normally for fall the brand adorns its designs with prints, patterns and colour, but this season they felt a new breeze of air was quite overdue. Classic silhouettes came in neutral shades and LBDs finished off the show with a bang.

Next up we've got Juan Carlos Obando. To those of you who read my post yesterday, you'll remember my rant about missing the summer palette now that we're on our way into Fall. Now you know why I am irrevocably in love with this collection. The seemingly resort cuts, silhouettes and quite different colour palette were a game changer for the brand, and their shockingly bright silk dresses made them stand out in the sea of monochrome.

The very next day, Prabal Gurung hit the runway with a collection that reminds me oddly of heaven and hell. The collection started off all black, travelled through a blue period, and arrived at the final destinations - beautiful silhouettes with  an ivory and gold palette adorning them. We all know I'm head-over-heels in love with all things white, so you can imagine why this change in mood got my attention.

Meanwhile, at Tommy Hilfiger, a mixture of New York chic and country girl was in the air, which broadened the brand's usual preppy girl image. The trio of high-necked, double-breasted coats with bullion trim that opened the show demanded the upmost attention, but the highlight was the scarf-printed dressed with bridle motifs that had a loose, seventies sex appeal. Not bad Tommy, not bad at all.

Next is probably one of my favourite collections of all - Derek Lam. The show had a sixties vibe that didn't need the bouffant hairdos and smoky cat eyes to take off. White pea coats, poplin shirts, V-necks and full black skirts set the scene. When it came time for the evening wear, you know what decade you were in. Only a high-tech mill could pull of the Aran sweaters made from twisted nylon tulle, and only a true genius like Lam woful pair them with long chiffon skirts.

Last, but certainly not least, there's Thakoon. The silhouettes were rooted and conventional, and the colour pallet centred around reds, fuchsias and raspberries. Of course, their were twists, with the addition of padded hips to create hourglass figures and inserting black leather basket weaves into the bodices of LBDs.


  1. Love the outfits :D
    Kisses from Portugal !
    Fi *

  2. I love NYFW great post! I love being in the city for this time of year!



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