Monday, February 21, 2011

Beauty News!

Every season it's different, whether it be girly pinks and reds or sensual blacks and golds, and this Autumn's nail colour has finally arrived! Steely grey polish is stealing the spotlight, with creations from both Dior and Chanel setting a trend.

Rich, sophisticated lipsticks are set to be in for a while as of yet, so hold onto those colours ladies and save up for winter! 

New perfumes from well-known designers have whipped up a storm, with new fragrances from Jil Sanders (Sensual Jil), Calvin Klein (Beauty), and a much-anticipated fragrance from Juicy Couture (Peace, Love and Juicy Couture).

Purple eyeshadow is making a comeback, with Lancome creating new eyeshadows and looks to celebrate the latest collections inspired by the 1970's sophisticated glamour lines.

Well that's all the beauty news for this Autumn, so get ready for a season of bold, elegant and sophisticated women everyone!


  1. you're awesome, hail evana and your awesomeness, i totally love you :D

  2. Love you too honey, you are amazing :)

  3. your such a life saver... i love you so much <3


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