Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Trench Coat - Spring/Summer

For years, the trench coat has been one of the most popular trends in all seasons, as they can be worn in so many ways, which is great for our budgets, because after we invest in a few, we're pretty much done! My favourite is the classic Autumn/Winter style like many others, but this season is seeing styles for spring which incorporate the trench, but in lighter shades and materials, such as Burberry.

But we aren't all millionaires who can afford to spare a few thousand to invest in one of these gorgeous trenches, so I did my research and came up with an outfit the warmer months of the year.

The fashion world has always seen amazing creations from Burberry (see second picture), and this season will definitely be no different. The outfits they design just make you fall head over heels, with their soft colours, simple and logical set out, and their classic and elegant look and feel.

Unfortunately, just by looking at an outfit such as these, you'll start to realise that your wallet will need to be MUCH heavier than it is to afford such pretty little things, so to make it easier, all you really have to do is substitute the pieces to create a perfect Spring look using the trench coat, without hurting your budget and your credit card. Of course, you can't always find exact replicas, which I just learnt from hours of searching, so make sure you learn to compromise and to be satisfied with what you find, only you will know it isn't exactly the same as the complete desired effect!

Trench Coat: Ruffle Layered Shoulder Long-Sleeved Double-Breasted Trench Coat US$67.20 (it’s without the scarf, they just didn’t have a picture of just the trench):
Shoes: Martiny Taupe Steve Madden US$77.49:

How to accessorise for this look:

For these particular shades, remember gold jewellery/pearls is always a plus, as it gives the outfit a more sophisticated look.

The right bag is essential. As this look is perfect for both Spring days and nights, make sure you trade your chocolate brown shoulder bag for a glamourous night purse/clutch, which will give your outfit that extra piece for a night on the town.

During the day, big glasses are always a complimentary piece. They've been in for a while now, so if you haven't already invested in a sleek black/neutral pair, now would be the perfect time.

Hairstyles that compliment this look would be longer sleek hair, straight or slightly wavy.

Fashion knows not of comfort, all that matters is the face you show to the world.


  1. Trenches are my fav piece of clothing for winter. Burberry has the sexiest trenches ever. Every timee I walk into burberry I have to see them they are orgasmic to my eyes but not my bank account lol

  2. i love burberry, especially their trenchcoats. but they're so expensive well i guess money talks


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