Monday, February 28, 2011

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

I always say there is a thought that truly separates man from woman - men look at shoes as 'comfortable', which means, in our terms, incredibly, indescribably hideous sport shoes, and women look at shoes as a way of adding length and definition to your legs and feeling worth a million dollars with the perfect pair. Of course, there's the fashionable men and the not-so fashionable women, but let's not get into that right now.
This season's shoe trends are, unfortunately, both good and bad (and when I say bad, I mean really really bad), so let's start off with the bad and work our way from there, so that we at least end in a good mood.

Kitten Heels
That's right ladies, they're making a comeback. I can hear the groans already. When I first heard of this unwelcome comeback, I thought I might cry, but Fall is starting here, so we won't be suffering this trend for six months, and hopefully by then the fashion world will have come to their senses.
Ever since the 70s, kitten heels have been considered the ugly step-sister of the heel family - they don't lengthen the legs and define the calf at all. Separate them from the ladylike elegance of the '50s and '60s and all you're left with is a stunted and unattractive piece of footwear.
But fashion is fashion, and what goes around comes around. So the question is, are kitten heels destines to make a comfortable yet potentially unwelcome return? The answer is an unwavering yes. Like it or not, we'll all be seeing plenty more of them as a 2011 fashion trend.

When you hear the word 'clogs', if you are anything like me, the accompanying mental image contains sloppy, unattractive and unflattering footwear that surely must have been stopped before the 1900s. But, rest assured, if the traditional footwear isn't your thing it, thankfully is not they style of clogs that are on trend. Instead, designers have looked to other parts of Europe to draw inspiration.
There are also many styles of clogs out, so if a more traditional, fully covered clog doesn't quite do it for you, don't feel restricted, look at other variations! For example, high heeled sandals but with clog-style studs. The overall shape can be less clog-like also - but the hint of the clog trend is always evident, making them a great alternative.

Peep toe
Okay so I know these have been out for ages now and that they're on the way out, but they're still one of my personal favourites, so I decided, what the heck, why not?

Peep toe shows have been one of the more desirable shoe trends to be released, and with their obvious style and subtle elegance and glamour, why wouldn't they be? These shoes were a major hit not exactly on the runway, but on the street. Many chose peep toe shoes over the heavier/fancier shoes, which created that extra fun sense of casualness about them that many fell in love with.

Shoes have always been important in the fashion world, so while it's always safest to stick with what's on the runway, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures (Kitten heels?! Seriously?!), so it's always good to look around and see what other styles draw you in, because fashion is all about expressing yourself, not copying what designers decide is fashionable.


  1. Sweet shoes, especially the black and white shoes with the bows.

  2. I know, they're probably my favourites :)


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