Friday, February 25, 2011

Which Bag Are You?

There are only so many things more important that clothes, such as shoes - and bags. Australian-born designer Rachelle Dendle understands this, and so she has created 12 bags for every type of girl. Rachelle's early influences include Australia's nature, wilderness and bright blue sky, and above all, Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon. After the Apple is a response to the world of bag. Believing there are twelve generic, indispensable bag shapes, each collection will house the same titles with elements perfected. She believes that 'every person is a different bag'. Each of the dozen fit a particular need. Always with more than one handle or strap option for each style, the bags shout versatility and functionality.
After the Apple is the culmination of a quest to develop a brand perfected in the timelessness of these twelve shapes adapted through the thematic injections of each season.

So without further ado, the bags of the season!

The Duffle

The Slouchy

The Handbag

 The Briefcase

The Messenger

The Mother Rucksack

The Everyday Bag

The Reversible

The Shopper

The Clutch

The Tote

The Hobo

This collection is being named one of the best accessory collections as what some may hate, others may adore, so no matter who your are or your style, there's pretty much something for everyone! They are a bit pricey, I must admit, with some costing over $400, but if you're a die-hard fan of bags like moi, investing in one of these gorgeous things will reward you time and time again, because it's not one of the bags that you can only wear once!
So there's only one question left to ask yourself: Which bag are you?


  1. omg!!! those bags are sooo pretty
    ....alexia xox

  2. Oh wow, I love the hobo! Perfect for a lazy day's shopping.

  3. I love the reversible one ! It's perfect for everyday and very useful :)
    please, visit it !

  4. thank you so much dear :)

    i am following back and i am the hobo bag. :D

    happy weekend!

  5. Interesting collection.. I like slouchy!


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