Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jump Into It!

Some of us may not love them, I for one am a die hard fan for the jumpsuit. However, my tolerance for these sometimes trendy sometimes different pieces is limited. I absolutely adore the strapless and spaghetti strap kind, mostly with shorts but sometimes the longer length, but I've noticed that some designers and retailers have gone a bit far with this trend.

While Spring Summer of 2010 saw a parade of glistening jumpsuits that just screamed new, this season for both Spring and Fall, there have been a lot of quirky, to put it mildly, versions and lengths. For instance, while I was internet shopping the other day (as I do), I noticed that some jumpsuits are short, three quarter and even long sleeve jumpsuits, as well as varying lengths in the leg - I mean, three-quarter leg? What is this the 60s?

The reason for my rant is just that to me fashion just seems sometimes to be a bit ridiculous. Items popping up in popular stores look great on the hanger, but not so good if you're above a 10 (6 in the US), and sometimes only look good on the supermodels that just seem to be getting skinnier each season. AND also because I bought an awesome jumpsuit today from $80 to $30 - and it was from the new collection!

So my lovelies, to save us the worry and stress of these versatile creatures, I thought I'd do you all a favour (cough cough) and show you what jumpsuits to buy and those that we should throw on the floor and scrub our hands with soap after touching. Excuse my theatrics. Enjoy!

The loveable creatures that we can't help but adore

The if you like these jumpsuits, one of us is crazy, and it's not me jumpsuit

While some of the above styles may look cute in a strictly inventive and restricted to the catwalk way, please, unless you are either super skinny or super beautiful (or both), or getting paid, don't try any of these at home. Or outside your home. Or anywhere. Ever. Please.
Love E 


  1. it's officially. i'm completely crazy. because i own at least 5 jumpsuits (2 pant, 3 short) and i love them all. non are super baggy, but they're all so comfortable. i must have 70's blood in me somewhere even though i was born in the early 80's.

  2. I love jumpsuits but I have none.I should buy one.. Great post!


  3. i've never seen a composition of jumpsuits on a blog. i really like it. mostly i like the orange one. a lot of people are still afraid to wear it but i think they can look very sexy!

  4. I know exactly what you mean Carlita, they're everywhere but no one wears them! Snaps for you Indie, jumpsuits are amazing! And MM, you really should invest in one, you will thank yourself later! :)

  5. fabulous collection, and it looks great on the models :)

    <3 steffy
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  6. Such a great post :D I love jumpsuits, but I haven't convinced myself yet that I'd look good in one :P

    Great blog you have here as well! x

    Christine @ Fash n Chips

  7. i love jumpsuits on other people, i can wear a romper but the shorts one the pants one i think i'm too short to pull off

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  8. I ADORE jumpsuits at the moment, but my problem is that there seems to be very little choice available for petite women! :-(

    Little Rachael
    Little Rachael
    Little Rachael

  9. These are great pieces. I don't own a jumpsuit. I'll maybe invest in one.

  10. I love them, especially the first one!

    As a curvier girl I always thought I wouldn't be able to wear a jumpsuit, but I tried one in a shop (it was in the sale!) and it looked great! It's a strapless, shorts version and was perfect for a jaunt to Oz (tho just a pain when you need the loo!).

    Sadie x

  11. I absolutely love jumpsuits! I need one in a pop color for summer :)
    btw yessss FOLLOW EACH OTHER :D I love your blog too! Follow you xxxx

  12. Love this post! Vogue always has the best shots. I'd love to follow you, but your 'Follow Me' isn't showing up!


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