Saturday, April 16, 2011

Too Late To Apologise

My lovelies, before I say anything, I am SO sorry for not posting anything yesterday! I promise I would've posted something, but I was out literally all day, from 8 am through to midnight. And if it's any consolation, I completed the day in 4 inch heels. Very painful, but they're such sexy shoes! So again, I am very sorry, and please forgive me! :(

And now that you've all forgiven me due to the cutesy wutesy bunny rabbit,  I shall continue with my blog post! Yay :)

From metallic finishes to 3D effects, the humble manicure is definitely getting some high fashion twists and alterations. While many of us are more focused on our hair, clothes and makeup, many forget the effect a good manicure can have, whether it be a princess pale pink or a sexy luminescent gold.

I was reminded of the benefits of nailing it when I got a manicure on Thursday, and believe me, the effects and colours on display were magnificent! Of course, my mother was in a hurry, so I opted for a simple light pink (still love it!), but it got me to thinking just how important absolutely everything is, and while it's hard to look perfect all the time, we must come to terms with the reasons that we love fashion icons so much - they were always perfect!

Take a look at Miss Olivia Palermo for instance - from pretty much nowhere she was present at almost every fashion show and in nearly every who wore what segment in popular fashion magazines, with her flawless looks and her polished fashion choices. It seems as if she never has a hair out of place. Obviously it may be due to the fact that her family has money at their disposal and she probably takes trips to various clinics specialising in beautifying, but the fact still remains; she's fabulous, and it's because she's not lazy with her look!

So, my dear friends, it's time to get those fingers out of your mouth (yes, I'm talking to you missy) and paint 'em up with any of the gorgeous shades on offer, or take a trip to the spa and get them taken care of for you (more expensive but definitely more fun, especially with a girlfriend)!

So again I apologise for no post yesterday, get those nails painted and have a fabulous Saturday!
Love E 


  1. Love all these nails! So edgy!

  2. Love the last nails, cool! x

  3. loveee those different nails! :)

  4. No apologize honey...this post is amazing!
    Have a great weekend,

  5. I love your bunny! it,s like my baby Chloƫ.


  6. love the nails! have a great weekend!

  7. amazing nails..but how cute is that bunny!!!

    xx from hong kong :)

  8. Gotta love a post that has amazing nail polish ideas plus a cute bunny!

  9. just painted mine pink today :) wish i had the patience to do something more rad, i.e. the nails in the mcqueen bag picture.

  10. omg love these manicure inspirations!

  11. such a cute bunny! and love all the nails especially the second one so amazing!

    giveaway on my blog!

  12. dear ,god ! the lace ones are so hot !! I'd love to wear them. I saw a tv show some time ago on nails covered with pucci fabric<3



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