Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seeing Red

And no I don't mean it as in being mad that idiots like Rebecca Black are working on new songs (stupid bitch); I'm talking about that coveted colour that creates a bombshell effect - you being the bombshell, and onlookers being the victims. Everyone's eyes will be drawn to your fabulous (and gorgeous if I may add) self, and you will finally get the attention you deserve!

It may be one of those colours that doesn't look good on everyone, but when you really think about it, incorporating red into your outfit doesn't always necessarily mean sporting a red pencil skirt or a piping hot red dress, it can be as simple as throwing on a pair of red heels or even mixing it up with a red clutch.

Especially in these coming colder months for all of you in the Southern Hemisphere (sucks doesn't it?), make sure to splash some red into that wardrobe! Get rid of those monotone blacks and greys and embrace some spice! And remember, don't overdo or underdo it (is that even a word?), just get that perfect balance to create that bit of that succulent colour into your wardrobe!

So whatever shade tickles your fancy, this season, love your reds ladies, and love them shamelessly! From cherry red to bordeaux, it's all fabulous, so pick your favourite and play with your style!

So whether it be a voluptuous little red dress or a pair of killer red stilettos, the classical shades of red bring that sense of drama to any look and any scene, and come with the guarantee of longing stares and sideway glances, so promise me you'll splash some red into your wardrobes, wherever you are. PROMISE!
Love E 


  1. Love red!!!Great selection, the last one with the Lady Dior is amazing!!!

  2. I love red, its the hottest color in my book!

  3. I love red and these pictures are beautiful.'

  4. Red is one of my favorite colors. I love these photos!


  5. Renee looks fab in that red trench. And where is that strapless nautical dress from!? LOVE it!

    Sadie x

  6. love all the red can make an outfit so edgy!



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