Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Minimalism is More

After dominating the shows for the past few seasons, minimalism gets a new spin from a trio of British designers. The fashion world embraced the change - a way to look fabulous without all the effort and riches needed for previous collections was a celebrated part of the seasons ahead. But who has kept to furthering this fabulous, coveted style?

Chloe, Celine Stella McCartney have all stuck to their signature easy to wear aesthetic for Spring/Summer 2011, but this time they've, fortunately, added a feminine twist, with tough leather, sharp tailoring and military details being swapped for softer silhouettes and lighter fabrics. Long flowing trousers, plain tunic tops and full dancer skirts suggest the wearer's laid back attitude and carefree approach. The colour palette us enough to send any fashionista into a state of bliss, with the mellow shades of black, navy and camel of last season being replaced by the beautiful, fresh shades of cream, pink, taupe and white, with the odd splash of neon, blue and honeysuckle here and there to mix up the collections to show off and express original flare.

Minimalism is absolutely perfect for any occasion; you can pull off just about anything, anytime! Whether your colour is neutral white or fabulous pink, there's something for you. Just think inside the box and create the perfect simplistic outfit!

What are your thoughts on the minimalist trend that's dominated the catwalk for the last two seasons? Are you a simplistic lover or love getting dressed up in colours and different looks? Let me know, love you all!
Love E 

P.S. I am SO sorry for not replying to your lovely comments, I'm studying for about three tests which are all tomorrow, so after tomorrow I'll be back into the full swing of things, promise!


  1. i really like the effortless chic look, but i sometimes feel to constrained by lack of color and pattern, maybe i just need a bit of creative juice. With that said, the color and pattern can be translated over, as so perfectly designed by emilio pucci!

  2. This a great look i love white in the summer! x

  3. Love minimalism! great post!
    Thanks for comment, i alredy follow you :)

  4. Great post (I follow you)! I really love the minimalist style and I love Stella McCartney!


  5. Love this post!!!Amazing photos, thanks for sharing!

  6. thanks for this post. so effortlessly chic!

  7. the nude looks are so well done.

  8. love the monochromatic outfits they look to chic!

  9. great post! i am dying over those first four looks!!!! i love a minimalistic look... but i am eccentric at the same time.... lately i've been only buying basics and forever pieces... that is what is great about minimalism... it will never go out :)

  10. I love love simplicity and big plain forms. Excellent samples and photo choices!

  11. great post!!!
    recenlty i love simplicity.


  12. Fantastic selection! Love your wonderful blog! Follow you) follow me?

  13. I love minimalism! Beautiful outfits! They look so effortless and stylish!


  14. Thanks for the comment dear, of course I'm following noww! :):)

    Love the post, fantastic selection!


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