Friday, March 4, 2011

ASOS Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

I'll admit, before today I had no idea that the brand ASOS even existed, but while searching this season's new lookbook, it popped up, and I have to admit, I was impressed.

Asos is England's largest online-only fashion and beauty store. Its target market is both men and women between the ages of 16-34 (I know, very specific), and it offers over 35000 own label and branded fashion goods.

This season's lookbook is the essence of this Spring's style; silky soft textures and more visionary tailoring patterns. The ASOS Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook shows off a set of stylish outfit ideas which revolve around the very popular bohemian chic trend. Gone are the days of style limitations, it's time to bring out the inner style enigma with these faddish looks!

I don't even know which ones are my favourites, they're all amazing, except the first and twelfth ensembles are more my style, with their gorgeous subtle tones and beautiful finishes.
So this season, make sure to give your wardrobe a makeover with the hottest looks inspired by the Boho style (well, the hottest that most can afford, I'm pointing at me) that ruled the catwalk this season. Make all your appearances spectacular by spotting the clothing items and style accessories that helps you stand out from the crowd and stand up against dull, drab looks. Rock the stylish maxi skirts, pleated dresses, as well as the more muted and pastel shades to show off your creativity and style. Add an edge to your apparel by pulling off some surprising outfit ideas, or you can keep things more simply and classy with the time-tested and safest outfit combos (that's me!).

What do you think of the new ASOS lookbook? Are you more of an adventurous dresser or do you prefer the safer, classic looks?


  1. I love the maxi dresses and skirts so so much. I have 10 or so.

  2. I can't even pick which of these images would be my favorite - - they're all so perfect. The first skirt (the british tan w/ the yellow panel along the bottom) is unreal though - I would looove to have that in my own closet! And I love the shoes too.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  3. wonderful outfits!

    i love the first look..i just saw this skirt in a magazine today :)

    have a fab weekend!

  4. great collection!!!! I see some interesting things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you everyone! The outfits are all amazing to me as well :)

  6. wonderful post!
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  7. Love Asos! And these photos are adorable! I especially like the blue trousers.
    I have a pair just like them so its nice to know how to wear them well!


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