Thursday, March 17, 2011

We ♥ Japan

I know it's really late and I should've made a post ages ago, but I saw the footage a few nights ago and I hadn't realised the extent of it until then. And I really don't want to come off as a bad person who doesn't care about world affairs and what's going on outside my little bubble.

Japan currently has confirmed over 10 000 people dead and 25 000 people missing, and the deaths are set to rise. Japan suffered not only an earthquake, but a tsunami and nuclear explosions, causing absolute devastation. And to top it all off, it is now snowing, making it extremely difficult for people to conduct safety missions and try to clear up the damage that was done. It was once so beautiful, and now it has been overridden with despair and destruction.

My family and I as well as our school and community are donating as much as we can to help, and some people are actually going to fly over there and help out, but we can only do so much. Please donate as much as you can everyone.

Please keep Japan in your prayers, and may it rise out of this fall. Amen.


  1. I love Japan! I hope everything get better for them

  2. Don't we all, what happened to them is absolutely horrible :(

  3. these really are beautiful pics, ive always wanted to go to japan the culture and place really interest me, so sad for them. xo

  4. these are really beautiful images..

  5. these images are beautiful!

    Following you now =)

    xoxo angeza

  6. i have never been to japan, but these pictures makes me want to go!! they are so beautiful!! maybe in a few years when they recover and build and an epic futuristic place


  7. Amazing photos. it's so SO sad what has happened there. I can't imagine being there now :(

  8. poor japan...i'm praying for them..such beautiful pictures you posted, hope to visit there soon once they've recovered.
    (and if you want to be a fashion journalist definitely come to new york if u haven't already!)


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