Monday, March 21, 2011

Michael Kors Spring Catalog 2011

We all love designer labels, and Michael Kors makes them that much more loveable, with designs and colours that make you look a million dollars, and are actually surprisingly priced. Of course the prices are still way out of my price range, but for those who are a bit more fortunate to be richer than an unemployed teenager, Michael Kors is absolutely perfect, with prices that you'd find in any fashionable boutique, and the designs really do look fabulous.

I've been shopping about three times this week, a record even for me, and when I was in the city, I was surprised at how expensive simple designs have become. Walk into any store and you'll find relatively plain dresses being sold for $80, so these prices really surprised me - they look exquisitely designer and won't absolutely slaughter your budget, but they might hurt it a little!

I think the main thing I love about this collection is that it's the perfect mix: sexy and sophisticated, fun and serious, colourful and neutral. It's just perfect! Hope you love it as much as I do!
Love E 


  1. Great photo's! I love Michael Kors as well!


  2. michael kors.. the best collection last fashion week!

  3. love those bags! now i definitely want one! I will be on the search for the perfect bag! great post!

  4. Wow, so many pretty items! Excellent collection! Lovely shoes! those wedges... and that watch!
    Thanks for sharing, I loved your post.


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