Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oscars 2011

So, as the awake and aware population are aware of, the Oscars were held a few nights ago, and when there's anything like the Oscars, fashion is always a close follower - ALWAYS.
This year however, well in my opinion anyway, it was extremely easy to separate the love from the hate, with some dresses rocking the red carpet and others simply wrecking it's glamour and status, so today I thought I'd mention my favourite dresses, because to not blog about it would be like 'committing social suicide' (Follow + comment if you love Mean Girls as much as I do!)

                             Anne Hathaway                                                         Cate Blanchett

                         Cheryl Hines                                                                     Daphne Zuniga

                        Natalie Portman                                                                       Florence Welch

                           Erin Andrews                                                               Hailee Steinford

                          Halle Berry                                                                             Michelle Williams

                              Hilary Swank                                                                                Mila Kunis

                             Mandy Moore                                                                         Maria Menounos

                                  Melissa Leo                                                                     Sandra Bulllock

                             Nicole Kidman                                                                    Reese Witherspoon

Overall, my favourite outfits were definitely Reese's, Natalie Portman's amazing fashion taste for how to wear when clothing two and the absolutely adorable pieces worn by Hailee Steinford, she looked absolutely gorgeous!

What were your favourite outfits, and ones that you wouldn't get caught in in your lives? Because I definitely saw some of them on the red carpet this year!


  1. wow your blog is too cute!!

    i'm following u could u follow me back please?? thanks :)

  2. Anne wasnt looking so good this year :/

  3. I know what you mean, I liked her dress and then I didn't...

  4. My favorite dress from this collection is Cate Blanchett's, also noticed the trend for sleeves. :)

  5. I was CRAZY for Cate Blanchett's dress this year. It's the perfect blend of tough, feminine, modern, and classic. And the color was impeccable. I think everybody overall looks pretty great - though I have to say I think Anne's ceremony dresses were much better than her red carpet choice!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  6. I know I loved Cate's dress this year, she looked amazing! <3


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