Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vogue Australia?!

I know this post might come as a shock to some, since most of the world thinks we say things like 'G'day', ride kangaroos to school and cook shrimp on the barbie even though we call them prawns, but I promise you, Australians are NOT a bunch of outback hillbillies who sit around smashing beer bottles, and Australia is as abundant and progressed as cities like New York and London, so naturally we have Vogue, since pretty much every country does.

Even though the magazine costed a ridiculous $8.50 this month, it promised that it was 'THE BIG FASHION & BEAUTY ISSUE', and my lovely mother bought it for me after a lot of begging and whining, but it was all worth it! It has some gorgeous style (not that I could afford any of it) and interesting phenomenas, but my favourite part has to be looking at the model shoots and spreads, and there were so many I lost count!

Below are my two absolute favourite spreads from the magazine; why do they always have to make it look so glamorous? It's not fair!

Okay so this next one wasn't exactly in the magazine, it just had some of the photos on the front, but it's such an amazing shoot, and we all know how much I love Chanel! This isn't the whole campaign, I was really depressed because I couldn't find the whole thing, but these photos are satisfying enough... for now. Beware, I'll probably go on a Chanel rant very soon - you've been warned!

Well, now we all know Australia isn't just full of struggling bush-dwellers who can't afford motor vehicles and eat 'bush-tucker', and we have pretty photos that makes us happy and sad at the same time; happy because the fashion is amazing, as sad because they're gorgeous and skinny. Sad faces!
Love E 


  1. Anja look amazing! Dress is soo beautifull !

  2. I know! Doesn't she look gorgeous?!

  3. freja and anja are two of the biggest babes ever.
    i'm ready to curl up in my bed right now and read this issue. x.

  4. Ah, Australian Vogue looks amazing. Love it. So chic

  5. thank u for your comment in my blog! you're so kind!
    your blog is beautiful! beautiful pics from vogue australia!
    Xo Xo

  6. Freja is such perfection for CHanel--- I am so glad they used her! Love this post babe!!! MWa!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  7. These are awesome! I love the spreads.

  8. The pics are awesome! But also your writing is well formulated. Reading your posts is fun! Keep at it!


    P.S. thanks for you comment! following you!

  9. love these photos! anja and freja two of my favorite models, anja looks amazing!!


  10. omg i love all ,,,in edge of forever its just my style i like it a lot!




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