Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stylish Saturdays: Paint the Town

As Winter rapidly approaches down in the Southern Hemisphere, many fashionistas start to fret about how to put a fresh spin on outfits, as usual winter styles consist of the basic neutrals, greys and blacks, with barely any of the beautiful, rich and vibrant colours of the warmer months until, that is, this particular season. Many fashion Houses went crazy trying to create a line that was both simple and fabulous, and they discovered the perfect solution - colour!

Whether it's a bright lip or a multi-coloured jumpsuit, colour is the way to go this Fall/Winter. Brighten your day and everyone else's by experimenting with reds, greens, yellows and oranges, and don't always model your looks on models and collections, we're human, not supermodels!

While there are so many outfits I could show you full of colour, out of all that I found on the streets throughout Fashion month, this was my absolute favourite.

This shot was taken on the streets during London Fashion Week, and I absolutely fell in love with it. It's so simplistic and easy but fun and gorgeous, and I just love how her puppy's sweater matches her pants! I love it that much, that I decided to blog about it so it would give me an excuse to find the perfect places to find pieces like this, so this is for my benefit as much as it is for yours!

It may not be the easiest outfit to pull off, and it took me forever to find everything and she still looks better, but a lot of the pieces can be worn with other outfits (maybe except those pants), and it's a look that will definitely bring with it a happy and colourful Winter to both it's wearer and those who see her!
Love E 


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