Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stylish Saturdays: Femininity At It's Best

As we all saw this Fashion month, it was all about ladylike luxe on the catwalk at Valentino and Louis Vuitton for winter 2011. While many view this as a typical and predictable move, I, along with many, loved the delicate essence and ruffles of these more feminine collections, as no matter what era or 'fashion revolution' we're in, ladylike and the art of mannerism will always be in.

Use your feminine wiles to the best of your advantage. A nipped-in waist will accentuate an hourglass figure (a.k.a the blessed ones), while a short swing coat will make the most of long legs. Experiment with those gorgeous cream lace and sheer chiffon pieces, and pare back with denim or leather if it's too much way too soon. And ladies, ditch that last season oversized tote and instead sport a chain-strapped handbag to add that extra feminine factor, and look on the bright side, that way your hands are free to show off an elegant manicure!

I am completely obsessed with Portman's new collection, with the face being the one and only Abbey Lee Kershaw, and the clothes are so divine I just had to base a blog style on it, so here goes!

I know a lot of us love to hide behind neutral clothes because of that fact alone - because they're neutral. Express yourself! Stop hiding behind drab, boring clothes, and embrace your feminine side! Please please pleaseee, for me? :)
Love E 


  1. Great shoes and jacket !! :)


  2. *cough* bitch *cough*
    Where is my dedication blog post?
    I shall keep being annoying till I get it :P
    Hahahahaha, pretty clothes though :)

  3. Great pics!


  4. Beautiful pictures. We love Abbey Lee & that's a great set!! <3

    We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

    T & J


  5. love these photos! all amazing love the colors and the shoes in the second photo are to die for!

  6. LOVE these. & your blog in general, stunning. x hivennn

  7. Very cute post E. It's encouraging that you post such simple ways to make a change in what we wear!


    P.S. Check out my blog, I mentioned you here:

  8. Great pictures :) I love your blog. Following now!
    Sami xx

  9. Hey, very nice indeed! But did you know that you get the same clothes cheaper at ?



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