Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I promise you I am NOT going insane, and I am referring to fur in CLOTHES. And definitely not real fur, I'm a) not that kind of person and b) nowhere near that wealthy. Okay, well now that I've had my two line rant, I'll start being a normal person.

There are only so many things that are to be excited about for Winter - hot chocolate, cashmere, knit and toasted marshmallows - but thankfully, Fashion month has added yet another word to my sad (but incredibly awesome) list: fur!

Vests, jackets, boots and even tops, fur proved more than useful this season for Fall and Winter. Considered one of the most stylish ways to keep warm this Winter, it has hit all the designer stores, as well as cheaper versions of them that the more budget-fashionistas would go for.

It isn't everyone's favourite, and it can be overwhelming, but this season I've fallen in love with fur! What are your thoughts on the fur that hit the runway this season? Let me know, and hope you had a fabulous Wednesday!
Love E 


  1. love the fur, faux fur of course! great photos! wish i had a fur vest!

  2. I'm looking forward to rocking a bit of fur this winter - I've got this vintage mink which is just screaming to be let out of my closet!

  3. Agh! That second to last coat is unreal!!!! Love this post!! All of your picks are killer!! I find all my best furs at Vintage Shops. ;) I'd try finding furs there!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  4. This post is making me wish winter was coming instead of leaving! Love the fauz fur!

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment and following, I'm following you too! I looooove this look, as long as its faux or vintage!

  6. I love fur!!! :D <3

  7. Great selection honey!!!It's hard to chosse, all of these furs are gorgeous!!!

  8. cool post here!

    love furs!

    great blog dear!


  9. I wanted to buy a fur coat but I can not find a suitable :(


  10. i adore the fur it makes any outfit look better!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. gorgeous stuff! you have a great blog <3


  12. I love fur but I only wear faux fur. Love the photos. Great blog

    x FashionFifth

  13. i love fur and i only buy from thrift stores (recycling, right?) well, that's what i tell myself :))) thanks for visiting and i am following you too :)))

  14. Great blog, I'm your new follower :)

  15. im forever obsessed with fur! faux of course!! but yes a def must-have for the cold seasons. ps super cute blog doll <3

    B xx


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