Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dark Angel

She favours dark corners and counts Alison Mosshart as a style icon; that's right, I'm talking about those who are more of a dark dresser, but that in itself has its benefits. Not everyone has to dress in cream and lace to look feminine, and those with a darker twist to their style usually are the most bold and confident women. Exaggerated shoulders make for a sleek silhouette, with cigarette pants, grey and navy cashmere and a black leather jacket as uniform staples.
Make sure to play with texture; layer up leather pants, and embellished tee and sleek navy blazer and swap those ankle boots from Fall and opt for wedges booties instead - winter's shoe de jour. For glamour after dark, always go for bodycon and black: a lace blouse should be offset with leather  micro shorts, and likewise a little black dress with a loose leather biker. Finally, tailored jackets will be a dark angel's best friend this season, smartening up well-wor skinny jeans with a wool-blend jacket and invest in a navy peacoat with gold buttons for colder days.

I've always been a more classical dresser myself, but even I've come to respect the new dark chic, as it really shows a dominant and powerful image of women and what we are capable of, so while it would personally not be my first choice, I admire to those who are bold enough to wear as well as pull-off such style.
Love E 


  1. love the burberry and the red leather jacket! great photos!


  2. Amazins skirt and jacket burberry' ! :)


  3. Amazing photos!

    chloe-mia.blogspot.com x

  4. Brilliant images, thanks for sharing.

    Really loving your blog template too. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. checking out your photos...you have a great editorial eye...i am sure you will be a spectacular fashion journalist (or editor) :))))

  6. Thank you all your amazingly kind comments!


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